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About us

Our Mission is to serve the community by improving the overall health of each and every patient at our Medical Facility. We strive to improve patient health by remaining patient-focused.
We listen to every aspect of patient concern, including questions about billing and insurance, medical procedures, and alternative methods of treatment. We treat our patients as members of our extended family, the greater community.

The Medical Facility was founded over forty years ago and continues to embody the vision of providing care in a safe, clean setting. Providing effective patient-care solutions, giving back to our community, and promoting the health education to the public are still our core values, and we are proud to continue the tradition set at our founding.


Our responsibilities

Responsibility means accountability as well as forward-thinking. In an ever-changing world of health care, we stay current on relevant and emerging medical technologies, practices and procedures while keeping our costs to the patient and the community reasonable.

Leading health and well-being for Government

Part of our goal, in keeping with our mission to serve the community, is to partner with government that we may improve the services we can offer through public policy review.

Supporting delivery

Our community clinics exist to support the emergency services we offer. Make an appointment today with one of our experienced physicians.

Accounting to the public

We have committed resources to accountability, collecting valuable information on all of the services we provide. Our partnership with international health organizations helps us to respond quickly and decisively to emerging health threats.

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