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Recent research has proven conclusively that people recover more quickly when they have a support system.

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Making the right decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be tough.
We are here to provide the support you need so you can achieve health success.
We offer many group therapy services to help you handle most any health problem.


Offender personality disorder

Studies show that many people in the criminal justice system are, in fact, dealing with a personality disorder that prevents them from making wise decisions. Through our highly structured approach to the problem, we believe catching teenagers early can prevent them from having to spend time in a correctional facility and help them remain with their family.

Health and wellbeing boards

Our hospital’s approach to health and well-being begins with our health and well-being board. This board is comprised of highly experienced doctors and nurses. The board continually reviews new procedures to find innovations that can be brought into our facility to ensure the highest quality of care for all of our patients.

Personal health budgets

Medical care is expensive and even the best insurance will not cover your entire bill. To help ease the burden of high health care costs, we have developed the Personal Health Budget. Families can make regular payments into their account to help cover unexpected health events.

Mental Health

Mental health issues can be frightening, but our hospital does everything possible to make the treatment of mental health issues easy. Our highly skilled staff can help you with any behavioral health or substance abuse issue. Whether it is in-patient, out-patient, or group therapy, we’ve got you covered.

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